Opportunity to help raise the SMART profile internationally

Mary Ann Kurker, a freelance writer in the USA and advocate for SMART, has been in touch with UK SMART Recovery. She is trying to develop a feature known as “Profiles in Recovery” for the website drugrehab.org. Mary is looking for individuals who would be prepared to share their insights for this project. Mary said;

“Our goal with this project is to give hope to people struggling with substance use and to end the stigma of addiction by featuring real people in recovery…”

As we all know, SMART helps people to develop their ‘Power of Choice’ but unfortunately, knowledge about SMART is not always promoted or even an available option for many in recovery. 

If you would like to help improve that situation and raise the SMART profile internationally, please contact Mary by email at mkurker@austin.rr.com

FYI, here is an article about SMART Recovery that Mary wrote for the website:

Other News

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