About SMART Recovery Meetings

What to expect at a SMART Recovery Meeting

When trapped in an addictive behaviour it is possible to become isolated and you may be thinking that no one else understands what you are going through.  At a SMART meeting you will find people who will understand and have experience and success in dealing with these difficulties.

SMART Recovery Meeting Overview

All SMART Recovery meetings are run by trained facilitators and follow a standard structure.

They are usually held weekly and last for 90 minutes (check individual meeting details).

New participants are welcome to just observe if they are not yet comfortable discussing their own issues or contributing to the meeting.

The focus of the meeting is on the addictive behaviour and not on the substance itself.  We also concentrate on present and future (setting goals), we do not focus on the past (no life stories!)

We use evidence-based tools and techniques (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing)

There is no fee to attend a SMART Recovery meetings, though some may ‘pass the hat’ to collect donations (to cover room hire and material etc).

In most cases there is no need to book in advance.  Any change to this should be noted on the individual meeting details.  If attending your first meeting we recommend that, if the Facilitator has provided a contact telephone number, you call in advance to ensure the meeting will definitely be running on the date/time you plan to attend (in case of sickness/holidays)

Meeting Structure

SMART Recovery meetings use a standard structure – click to find out more

Meeting Guidelines

Guidelines help to keep meetings effective and safe – click to find out more

Find a Meeting

At the top of most of our web pages, you will notice a ‘Find a Meeting’ search bar. Typing your postcode, city or town in here will bring you to a map, and a list of your nearest meetings.

If there are no meetings in your area or for some reason you would find it difficult to access a local meeting, you may wish to attend one of our online meetings.

Register a New  Meeting

All SMART Recovery meetings and SMART Family & Friends meetings should be officially registered with us whether or not you wish to have the details publicised on our website.

To register your meeting please login to the ‘home’ section of your Facilitator account (this will be set up once you have completed the Facilitator training).  Here you will see an option to ‘add a new meeting’.  Please complete and submit the form which will be reviewed by Central Office.

If you have not yet been provided with a Facilitator account contact Central Office who will provide you with further details.

Meetings can also be registered through our online survey here

Once your meeting has been approved we will be able to send you your meeting starter pack containing Handbook, Posters, Leaflets and t-shirt.



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