Meet Our Team


DJ Brandon Block

The Board of Trustees

Professor Derek Heim - Chair

Lesley McGeoch - Vice Chair

Ian Preece - Treasurer

Alan Maclean KC - Lawyer

Joel Broadbent - Digital Marketing and Communication

Gareth Aston - Fundraising and PR

Shiv Sharma - SMART Facilitator (Ex-Officio)

Kim McCreanor MPH (Ex-Officio)


Dr Charlie Orton Ph.D - Chief Executive

Samuel Parker - Operations Manager

Tina Moran - Chief Financial Officer


Matthew Frost - Company Administrator


Graham Rowson - Community Coordinator, Wales

Kelly Doig - Community Co-ordinator, Central Scotland

Jenifer Langley - Community Co-ordinator, North East and Yorkshire and the Humber, England

Emma Sharp-Lau - Community Co-ordinator, West Midlands and South West, England

Colleen Lally - Community Co-ordinator, London and South East, England

Daniel Howell - Community Co-ordinator, North West and East Midlands, England

Johnny Allison - Veterans Programme Lead, Scotland

Janine Crowdy - Veterans Programme Lead, England

Kenny Reid - SMART Recovery Co-ordinator (Blue Triangle)



Dan Murphy - Volunteer Training Co-ordinator

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