Family & Friends Facilitator

Becoming a SMART Family & Friends Facilitator can be rewarding as well as beneficial in helping with your own recovery from a loved one’s addictive behaviour.

Why Volunteer as a SMART Family & Friends Facilitator

Providing and gaining support alongside those who share similar experiences and goals is what makes mutual aid so powerful. Sharing experiences with others not only helps us with our own situations but also brings comfort and hope in the knowledge we are not facing them on our own.


What Is Asked of SMART Family & Friends Facilitators?

F & F Facilitator – Role Description

Facilitator – Code of Conduct

Please take time to read through the requirements and tasks below before applying.

How We Will Support you

UK SMART Recovery is here to grow the network of effective SMART Family & Friends meetings, so the support we offer to our network of Facilitators is right at the heart of our work.

Community and Regional Co-ordinators
Our team of Community Co-ordinators and Volunteer Regional Co-ordinators is small but growing and we are always happy to help.

The training we offer is one of the most important ways that we support Facilitators. We get very good feedback that this is working and valued by our Facilitators, but of course we will continue to improve upon this in future.

Facilitator's Manual

When you complete the training you will be provided with a copy of the SMART Family & Friends Facilitator’s Manual.  This document provides a huge amount of information; starting with practical suggestions on how to get your meeting started and then advice on actually running the meeting.  It is not designed to be read all in one go, but dipped into regularly as your experience grows and new challenges present.

Online Facilitator Resources

Facilitators can access additional restricted resources on our website including downloadable worksheets, posters and leaflets.  You will be able to access these resources through your UKSR website account once you have completed your Facilitator training.  You will also be able to register your meeting and inform us of any changes.

Meeting Starter Pack

When you register your meeting we will send you a meeting starter pack to help you promote and run your meetings.  The pack will contain a SMART Family & Friends Handbook, t-shirt, posters and leaflets.

Volunteer Application Process

Once you are satisfied that you meet the role requirements: –

1) Download a copy of the Volunteer Application Form or complete the online enquiry form here.

2) We will arrange for somebody from our staff team to contact you to arrange a suitable time to discuss your application further and provide more information about the volunteer process.

3) We will request references from the two referees that you provide in your application form.

4) Once we have received two satisfactory references we will enrol you onto the SMART Recovery Facilitator training.

5) We will start our DBS/PVG process and provide you with further information on this.

Once you have completed the training and we have received a satisfactory DBS/PVG Certificate we can confirm your Volunteer status.  You will be given access to additional resources on our website and the meeting management page where you will be able to register and update your community based meetings.

Further information about why we have an application process can be found here

Our staff will be happy to support you through this process so please do let us know if you have any concerns or would like to speak to somebody about the process before you apply.