Volunteering With UK SMART Recovery

Help to change someone else’s life whilst enriching your own!

Each and every one of our volunteers is invaluable to us at UK SMART Recovery as they enable us to increase the availability of our Programmes across the UK; providing choice in recovery and support for loved ones.


Why Volunteer for UK SMART Recovery?

Make a difference – The main motivation for many of our volunteers is the desire to give something back and know that they are making a huge difference to someone else’s life.

Build confidence – Volunteering is a fantastic way to build your confidence and provide much-needed experience, or even lead into a return to paid employment.

Developing new skills – Volunteers bring their own unique skills and experience with them but also, access to training may help them to develop a whole new range of skills.

Improve your self-esteem and well-being – There is much research to show that volunteering can have multiple positive benefits for both physical and mental well-being.

Meet new people – Volunteering can also provide opportunities to meet new people and possibly make new friends.


Volunteer Facilitators

SMART Recovery Facilitators see remarkable changes in many of the people who attend meetings, and know that although recovery is an individual’s choice and responsibility, as a SMART Recovery Facilitator they have been able to help and make a difference.

In just a few months, Facilitators can learn enough to run good SMART Recovery meetings, though the process of honing skills and deepening knowledge can go on for many years or even decades.

Volunteer Facilitator


Volunteer Regional Coordinator

Our front-line troubleshooters! As one of our VRCs, you are not only helping to develop the growth of SMART in the UK but also supporting the quality and availability of the resources we provide.

Regional Co-ordinator


Other Volunteering Opportunities

There are a number of volunteering opportunities within our online team including:

  • Online Co-ordinator
  • Online Meeting Facilitator
  • Online Meeting Helper
  • Meet and Greet

Volunteer Online


SMART Volunteering...

“Volunteering for UK SMART is the best way I can give something back and help others get what I’ve got!”

SMART Learning...

“Being a volunteer means I learn from others, we aid each other in recovery because we are SMART.”

SMART Skills...

“I help promote and support change in others whilst developing my own skill set for life.”

SMART Changes...

“Discovering SMART changed my life… For anyone considering becoming a facilitator, don’t worry, just have a go!”