Register a SMART for Family & Friends Meeting

Congratulations on your initiative to start a local Family & Friends meeting.

Family & Friends Facilitators provide a great support to those who are affected by a loved one’s addictive behaviour

Who Can Register a SMART for Family & Friends Meeting?

To set-up a F & F meeting you must have completed the SMART Recovery Facilitator Course and the Family & Friends course, these courses are currently made available to: –

A) UK SMART Recovery Volunteers;

B) Staff and volunteers licensed to use the SMART for Family & Friends Programme under the UK SMART Recovery Partnership Scheme

See below for more information.

UK SMART Recovery Volunteer

UK SMART Recovery Volunteers facilitate free-standing meetings in their local community on a voluntary basis and receive no support from any other organisation (such as a treatment service or local authority).

More information about the role of a Volunteer Family & Friends Facilitator and the application process can be found here

Partnership Staff and Volunteers

Partnership staff and volunteers facilitate meetings at a site specified on their partnership agreement.  This maybe out in the community or within their organisation.  The majority of meetings will be open to all but some may place restrictions (for example some meetings maybe restricted to own clients or patients).

More information about the Partnership Scheme can be found here

How to Register Your Family & Friends Meeting

Once you have completed the SMART Recovery Facilitator training and the Family & Friends training you will be given access to the restricted Meeting Management area (as well as access to Facilitator resources).

When logged into your Facilitator account you will be able to register a new meeting and notify us of any changes.

If you have not yet received your login details or require support registering your meeting please contact Central Office [email protected], 0330 053 6022.

Making Changes to your Meeting

Once you have registered your meeting it is extremely important that you notify us of any changes (even if temporary) immediately.

You can do this through your Facilitator login or email [email protected]