Volunteer SMART Recovery Facilitator

Volunteer SMART Recovery Facilitators see remarkable changes in many of the people who attend meetings, and know that although recovery is an individual’s choice and responsibility, as a SMART Recovery Facilitator they have been able to help make a difference.

Why Volunteer as a SMART Facilitator

SMART facilitation can be a fascinating and absorbing journey. Many of the skills learned can help in other areas of life, including the world of work. Often SMART Facilitators build on their experience of running meetings to take on other leadership roles within the recovery community.

Volunteer Application Process

UK SMART Recovery has a legal responsibility to take all reasonable steps to ensure our volunteers are appropriate persons to run meetings, the safety and wellbeing of meeting participants is our priority.  We therefore ask all our volunteers to complete the recruitment process below before facilitating a SMART meeting.

The following applies to Peers who are looking to set up a free-standing meeting in their community, facilitated in their own free time, without the support of another organisation. 

Staff and volunteers wishing to facilitate a meeting on behalf of their organisation should visit our Partnership Page for further information about becoming a Facilitator.

Complete Volunteer Application Form

Please read through the role description and Volunteer Recruitment Process so you understand what is expected from Volunteer SMART Recovery Facilitators. Role description and application process

Once you are satisfied that you meet the criteria for the role you can download an application form here. Volunteer Application Form

Alternatively you can complete an online enquiry and we can send you the application form by email or post. Send enquiry

Informal Interview

Once we have received your completed application form we will contact you by email to set up a phone call, to find out a little more about you and so we know how best to support you.

Please ensure you have included details of your email and telephone on the application form.

Take up of references

Following the telephone call, assuming you still wish to progress your application, we will apply for your references.

Please ensure you have provided details of two referees on your application form. We normally contact them via email.

Completion of the SMART Recovery Facilitator training

Once satisfactory references have been received you will be enrolled onto the Facilitator modules. Please note you will not be able to facilitate a meeting, despite successfully completing the Facilitator training programme, until you complete the DBS/PVG process (see below). You will be sent your Certificate and Manual on completion of the DBS/PVG process.


Once you have completed the Facilitator training, Central Office will help you through the process of obtaining a DBS/PVG Certificate.

Please note that we do understand that some people may have gone through the criminal justice system in the past.  What we value is honesty from applicants, if there is a conviction which will show up on a DBS/PVG check please let us know.  Your lived-experience is important and previous convictions are not necessarily a barrier to being approved as a SMART volunteer.

Once the DBS/PVG process has been completed, we will send out your certificate and manual.

Further Information

If you have any queries or concerns about our Volunteer Application Process please email [email protected] or call 0330 053 6022.