Regional Coordinator

Are you an experienced peer facilitator committed wholeheartedly to smart recovery principles and values?

Would you like a wider role in helping to build and support your local SMART Recovery Community?

Do you have what it takes to support new or inexperienced facilitators in your area?

Can you commit 6 hours a week to this role?

If the answer is yes then please read on…..

What is expected of a Volunteer Regional Coordinator?

  • The purpose of the Volunteer Regional Coordinator Role is to support the growth of UK SMART Recovery in a designated area or region by:
    1. Supporting Peer Facilitators, attending SMART meetings to give guidance, positive feedback and encouragement
    2. Developing and supporting a network of Peer Facilitators for learning, mutual encouragement and sharing of good practice, with specific attention to advice on staying safe in meetings for participants and fidelity to the SMART Recovery meeting programme.
    3. In areas that lack Peer Facilitators the Volunteer Coordinator can support Champions to ensure they receive positive feedback and encouragement and bring them together to form a network, as a step towards to goal of developing participants who can become Peer Facilitators
    4. Visiting other mutual aid meetings in the area and/or developing relationships with the facilitators for the purpose of mutual support and sharing of best practice
    5. Taking a lead in organising events and encouraging participation of SMARTies in Recovery Month
    6. Acting as a link between the staff team and Peer Facilitators and meeting participants, ensuring information is shared both ways
    7. Ensuring the Safeguarding policy and procedure is followed and any concerns are shared with a member of the staff team
    8. Ensuring any comments, concerns or complaints are fed back to the appropriate member of staff
    9. Attending meetings to represent the views of Peer Facilitators


What personal qualities are needed in the role?

    1. A person who is at a stage in life where their recovery is stable
    2. An experienced Peer Facilitator
    3. Able to commit wholeheartedly to SMART Recovery principles and values and take the lead in ensuring best practice in SMART Recovery meetings
    4. Willing to commit to the Volunteer Code of Conduct
    5. Good organisational skills, able to manage own time and lead a balanced life
    6. A team player, willing to work with others, both volunteers and staff, for the good of SMART Recovery and the meeting participants
    7. Willing to act as an ambassador for UK SMART Recovery, abide by the policies in place and help to build its good reputation.
    8. Self-motivated and able to engage others
    9. A good communicator, able to represent the views of others and participate in decision making in the organisation.
    10. Competent with IT, including use of email, word processing, Skype or similar and social media e.g. Facebook, Twitter
    11. Able to make a regular commitment of time and energy to UK SMART Recovery


What can Volunteer Regional Coordinators expect from UK SMART Recovery?

    1. Regular support and guidance sessions, (by phone, face to face or electronic meetings) with the National Coordinator or other staff member as appropriate.
    2. To be respected and treated as a valued member of the organisation.
    3. Access to training and development as appropriate to the role
    4. Access to UK SMART Recovery events, training days and conferences, or other recovery community events as appropriate to the role
    5. Views and comments will be welcomed and taken seriously and acted on as appropriate.
    6. To claim any travel or refreshment expenses for activities on behalf of UK SMART Recovery, which have previously been agreed in writing with a member of staff.

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