SMART Meeting – Opening Statement


The Opening Statement should be read at every SMART Recovery Meeting

Hello, my name is _____________. Welcome to this meeting of SMART Recovery.

SMART stands for ’Self Management And Recovery Training’. This is a mutual support meeting where, through open and confidential discussion, we help each other and ourselves with recovery from any type of addictive behaviour.

We view addictive behaviour as our own responsibility and the result of choices we have made. If we have chosen to maintain an addictive behaviour, it is possible that we can choose to stop it. We therefore discourage the use of labels such as alcoholic and addict in our meetings.

Our approach uses self-empowering skills to help you build and maintain motivation; cope with urges; manage thoughts, feelings and behaviours; and live a balanced life.

Our meetings consist of check-in, agenda setting, discussion and then check-out – after which we pass the hat for donations to cover meeting expenses. We appreciate any contributions but understand if you are unable to donate today.

If this is your first meeting, you are welcome to join in the discussion or just listen if you prefer.

So let us check in. This is an opportunity for you to let us know a little more about why you are at this meeting and how you have been over the last week. You could mention if you have had a lapse or faced any emotionally upsetting situations, but also any successes or achievements.