Weekly Bulletin 15/07/2022


Welcome to our next Weekly Bulletin. If you would like us to include something on our weekly news, please get in touch by emailing info@smartrecovery.org.uk. This weeks latest news is….

SMART Recovery founding affiliates and SMART Recovery International plan to approach major brands and corporate partners who can activate their marketing and consumer base to scale our work, create broader impact, raise revenue and build SMART brand awareness.

This is a quick and simple survey to establish a consensus about what categories of business we should and should not seek to converse with.

Of the industry categories below, please select your opinion between strongly agree to strongly disagree which types of brands fit the mission, vision and values of  SMART Recovery.
Link to Survey: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/SMARTPartnershipSurvey

New Face to Face SMART Recovery Meeting, Hamilton

New Face to Face SMART Recovery Meeting, St Helens on Tuesdays

New Face to Face SMART Recovery Meeting, St Helens on Thursdays

New Hybrid Face to Face/Online SMART Recovery Meeting, Leven

New SMART Recovery Meeting, Swansea

New Online LGBT SMART Recovery Meeting, Manchester

Other News

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